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    of all your IT-related projects?

Project Development

We develop your project in any language you want, or let our experts take care of the technical part.

Security Audit

What is a website worth if the security is horrible? We will make sure to test your applications either while development or we can test your ready made project. No more dataloss!


Because of our expertise in the hosting sector, we can offer you the best hardware for your projects, including a DDoS protection to keep you online 24/7.

Servermangement and -setup

Why pay a team of people to manage your servers, if we can do it for you - without having to worry about finding the right people for the job and teach them.

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Are you looking for the all in one package? Do you want to have a team that develops, secures, sets up, hosts & manages your project? We are here to ease your mind!

Why choose us for your webproject?

Websec will do all the work for you! We develop setup and manage audit and secure host and protect your IT-webproject(s)!

You have an idea for a project? You need help managing, securing, setting up or securing your project? Websec will do all the work for you, but what does that mean?

Easy! We develop all your projects in the language you prefer. Also we make sure to take care of the performance and security of our code. Do you already have a project and don't like the performance/security? Don't worry, we will optimize and secure your code. Is your server performing bad or is simply too slow? We will make sure to host and optimize your website on the serverlevel too. Do you need someone to manage your project because you can't or don't want to? We are here to do that for you too!


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Who We Are

Websec is a team of professionals in every sector of IT. We specialize in webprojects, but also do every other kind of programming project. If you choose us, you will see how the programming sector should have been, instead of getting a minimalistic project.

What We Do

We develop projects which exceed the level of standard programming. Our standard is neither the IT standard, nor the military standard. Our workflow consists of the parts that really matter in programming: write a concept, write the application in several small milestones, optimize the performance and audit the security. Optionally we also setup and manage your projects.


Obviously the IT sector is really complicated. There are lots of companies offering development, management, security audits or hosting, but what makes us special is the expertise in each and every of those sectors. Additionally with us you can start your projects instantly without the need of taking care of getting servers, domains, serveradmins or a security specialist.

What makes us special

Instead of just telling you what we can do for you, we prefer to show you that our expertise is sufficient for your needs. You can check this article or this article (german) to have a small impression of our expertise in the websector.